brincat raisa

Here in this space im gonna write few things about myself. My name is Raisa Brincat, iv been in the beauty business for around 4 yrs now. Since i started this job my life has changed  drasticly. Im in love with this  job and my passion shows in the work i do.  It gives me chills when someone compliments my work, and it would be the greatest pleasure when a client walks out of my salon with a big big smile on her face :)

 Its always fun for me to get to know new people and make new friends. With the help of this job, iv met loadz of people, Since im a very out spoken person  =)  a reguler client becomes a good friend of mine!

Take a look at my new site.Hope u enjoy ! 


   RAISA   X.X.X


mob: 99230248

tel: 27014310

add: 5 st kostantino str b'kara